Peter Åberg

circus artist

Peter o saara--6


"Minnet" - The Memory

Is a show about your actual memory.

It is a show in Swedish and developed escpecially for schools to teach simple methods to remember what YOU want to remember.

Through juggling, magic and with the help of a Rubiks Cube Peter shows you how to make better use of your memory

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Close to 1000 shows in over 40 countries. Countless corporate events, all with satisfied customers!

Memoirs Of A

Circus Heart

2020 a new show is being made by Peter & Saara which will tell about the history of the traditional circus.

About classic and iconic artists and acts through time. Peter & Saara will explain and also perform some of the most memorable acts from the history of circus.

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Special Events

Both Peter & Saara have a lot of experience with special events. Both big and small. We customize the event together with you to make it fantastic!

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