Peter & Saara


PAUS is the new show made by new started circus company Out of the Box.

PAUS takes its inspiration from the history of the traditional circus.

It also questions the overuse of screens in todays society.

PAUS brings you a impressive circus performance as well as a break from the stress of the world outside.

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Peter & Saara

Peter & Saara have worked together for over 10 years now and performed all over the world. They do partner acrobatis, also known as hand-to-hand.

They also perform perch which is a four meter long pole which is balanced on Peter shoulder while Saara climbs up and does tricks on the top which is then about 6 meters up.

Saara Ahola is from Tammerfors in Finland and has done circus since she was 6 years old. Her main disciplines are vertical rope and trapeze as well as partner acrobatics together with Peter.

Last year the started the circus company Out of the Box, which created the show PAUS which had its premiere in December 2021.

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