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Who is Peter?

Peter comes from the north of Sweden and has a very wide variety of skills and tricks up his sleeve. He started out as a juggler but now also performs partner acrobatics together with Saara Ahola. Peter also often works as a host for different events as well.

Peter spent the first part of his life as a musician and has a result of this a very musical take on his artistry. He plays a many different instruments and sings.

One of Peter's more known acts is a juggling act performed with tubes of plastic tuned in different notes. While he juggles them he also creates the music for the act.

He already performed this act over 800 times and is the only one in the world to do this act.

Peter also has other skills such as magic and Rubiks Cube.

He currently holds the swedish record of memorizing and solving a 7x7x7 Rubiks Cube blindfolded

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