Peter has done juggling for a long time now. 11 years at the moment. And he has lots of material that he can combine in different variatons to fit every occasion. You can see some examples of short routines at the video page.

But what Peter loves most of all is to combine music with the juggling. In every act the music has a big input. In two of his acts the music is in fact made with the juggling.
There is one act with musical tubes where he juggles tubes tuned in different tones so that it creates music. Meanwhile the musical notation is projected on the wall.
The other act is with balls. And it is based on rhythms. Peter juggles advanced rhythms while the juggling notation and the music notation is shown simultaneously on a movie screen.

Look Sharp!

Peter also has a duo show together with Viktor Gyllenberg called "Look Sharp". There is a promo video for this show at the video page.
It is a show based on the record "Look Sharp" by "Roxette". 45 minutes of technical, creative and entertaining juggling mixed with humor. Made and performed by Peter and Viktor to celebrate the music of the 80s.


Is a true story about 3 partner acrobatic bases, so called Undermen. They broke up with their partners for different reasons and was left without career, love and safety. But with the help of each other and through creating something new they got up and this is the result.
It's a show with live music, humor, juggling, acrobatics, rubik's cube that tells a true story that will stay with you.

Hand to Hand

Peter is also working as a hand to hand acrobat together with Saara Ahola who is also an extremely talented aerial artist! They have a duo act with high technique pair acrobatics. To see more of Saara visit her homepage.

For a more detailed list of shows go to Me and read the CV.
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