Available spring - 20/01 2018
So this spring I'm leaving open for new projects and shows. If you have any suggestion please write me. I will be available from april and onwards!

The Juggler - 03/11 2017

Update - 17/10 2016
I really have to get better at updating this site and will try as fast as possible to get some pictures up of me and Saara doing hand to hand.

Vacation - 07/06 2016
I finally have some time off. Almost three years since I had more than 4 days off in a row and now I have almost 6 weeks!!

Östersund - 05/05 2016
Limits is coming to Östersund and we are playing there mon-wed. Come and watch all of you northerners!!

Limits - 29/03 2016
We just cam back from having our premiere of the new show Limits. We are now starting our world tour and next stop is Gothenburg. If you want to see dates go to

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! - 29/12 2015
Hope you all are having a great time during the holidays! I want to share with you an old video I made that I think deserves a few more views! Enjoy!

Christmas show - 05/12 2015
During December both me and Saara are performing in Stockholm in the christmas dinner show by Cirkus Cirkör!

Barbu - 13/07 2015
I will be performing in Edinburgh this august together with Cirque Alfonse in their show Barbu. 20 shows during the festival at the Underbelly stage!

Borders - 31/01 2015
Me and Saara will perform in the new show from Cirkus Cirkör that will play in Malmö in May. It will be a big show with almost 20 people on stage which will also celebrate their 20 year anniversary!

Greetings! - 29/12 2014
Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to everyone! Hope you're having a good end to this year and a great start of the next. We will be in Chamaeleon, Berlin, until the end of February. Come and see if you haven't already :)

Hand 2 Hand - 07/10 2014
If you want to see me and Saara's new Hand-to-hand act you should come to Chamaeleon theatre in Berlin where we play it every day (except mondays) until the end of February.

Crossroads - 17/09 2014
Me and Saara are now working in Chamaeleon theatre in Berlin until february. It is the new show Crossroads that had premiere now the 14th of september. We will play 7 shows per week for 6 months! This show is also a celebration of Chamaeleons 10 year anniversary and a co-production with the Australian company C!RCA.

Berlin - 17/11 2013
Me and Saara are going to Berlin for 2 weeks to rehearse for the coming cruise ship job we are going to do. We are working for Battle Royal and on Hapaq Lloyds boat MS Europa II. More to come!

Cubix - 07/04 2013
I started working on the material for my new solo piece which will be called Cubix. It will be about the relation between life problems, juggling and cubes. Hopefully I have a premiere in the end of this year or the start of next!

Tour ending - 08/11 2012
Now there is only 2 months left of the tour for this time with Underman. We will go to France, Holland, Germany and Hungary. You can follow the dates on Hope to see you there!

Undermen in Consert - 16/08 2012
This coming wednesday 22nd of august Undermen plays in Stockholm, Vitabergsparken. It's not the original show, it's the 100th performance and it will be lots of music, guest artists and stuff from the show as well! Be there!

Montreal - 09/07 2012
Undermen finally arrived in Montreal after a long travel and we are ready to rock it! Tohu festival, come join us!

Pics - 29/06 2012
Added some more recent pictures and some old ones too! Hope you like them!

Texts - 28/06 2012
Updated some texts in the page. Mostly in the shows category. Also updated about me, and my adress.

Update - 25/06 2012
Alright! It's about time I get a bit more active around here! So I will next week do some updates in the homepage and after that try keeping the news fresh!

Happy New Year! - 04/01 2012
2012 is here and hopefully it will bring lots of good things! Undermän will continue playing from the 1st of february and on so if you see us around come and watch!

Undermän - 16/09 2011
Now Undermän is back, we started our tour on wednesday. We will pass by Germany, France, Belgium, Holland and also around Sweden before the end of the year!

IJA and Shoebox tour - 25/05 2011
Now it is decided that me and Viktor Gyllenberg are going to IJA, Rochester - Michigan, to do Look Sharp! And at the same time while we are anyway in the states we are going to do Shoebox Tour for 2 weeks together with Jay Gilligan! Ohio, Chicago, Minneapolis, Madison and Detroit! See you there!

Premiere - 24/04 2011
Official premiere of Undermän will be now the 28th of april in Storan, Gothenburg!

Undermän - 13/04 2011
Undermän plays a preview show now on friday 15th of april in Södra teatern, Stockholm at 19.30. Be there!

Undermän tour - 07/04 2011
It is decided that Undermän is going on tour from september. First mostly in Sweden and after that around Europe!

Undermän - 07/04 2011
Undermän is on the move! We are doing one show in Stockholm the 15th of april followed by 3 in Gothenburg and then 4 in Rotterdam, Germany in the beginning of may.

Happy New Year! - 31/12 2010
Looking forward to 2011! I wish you all a great start to the new year!

Undermän - 29/12 2010
The show Undermän will have premiere at Sirkus Ruska festival in Tampere, Finland. The 22nd of january. Don't miss it!

New acts - 29/12 2010
The goal for the spring will be to complete 2 new acts with clubs and the tubes.

Skellefteå - 08/08 2010
I am now in Skellefteå doing my own training camp. A lot of juggling training. Also working on two new videos. One tutorial and one trick based!

Biitti - 17/06 2010
Apparently the name Sointu has already been used for a show... Since the programme for Italy is already done we will keep the name for this festival but after tha we will change. The new name will be Biitti!

Sointu - 31/05 2010
Just started to rehearse the show Sointu together with Matleena! It will premiere in Italy Torino the 20th july!

Helsinki - 07/04 2010
Back in Helsinki again. First show tomorrow after the break, a bit nervous but I think we will do just fine! More news is that I have got some video material from Martin Leonard from Vifiras show from last year. i will start to edit that as soon as I have time!

Break - 05/04 2010
After one week of playing we had a little break from playing the show. I had time to go back home to Sweden and relax a bit. Good times with family! On thursday april 8th we are back playing the show again!

Pippi Longstocking - 19/03 2010
Premiere tomorrow night! 18.00 at the Swedish theatre in Helsinki.

Pippi - 11/01 2010
So we now finished the winter circus show after doing 76 performances... I am currently rehearsing the new show Pippi Långstrump which has premiere the 20th of march. In the Swedish theatre in Helsinki.

Tuike - 08/11 2009
We now had premiere of Tuike. I did not have time for much else than rehearsing these days. Now we are playing the show every day of the week except for mondays and tuesday. 10 shows a week for 6 weeks! Come and see, tickets at www. or at the door!

Finland - 08/09 2009
So now I moved to Finland and I live in Helsinki. I am at the moent rehearsing for the winter circus show in Hurjaruuth called Tuike. Check out the programme at

Italy - 28/06 2009
No news for a while... Because I have been taking a vacation. I have been resting my body for 2 straight weeks! First time in 5 years this long without training. But now I am back in training again and I have a lot of energy! Next performance is a few weeks in the future though. Me and Matleena are doing a competition in Italy, Torino the 24th of July!

Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde - 06/05 2009
Me and Sergi just came bak from doing a big TV cabaret in Paris. You can see it on tv 2 in France and tv 5 in Canada. It is going to air in the beginning of june. And next week me, Matleena and Sergi are going to Trapezi. The biggest circus festival in Spain, Reus.

Finland - 09/04 2009
Now it\'s clear that me, Sergi and Matleena will move to Finland in September and work there for a while. It will be great to live in Helsinki! But now it is hard training for 2 months in Stockholm that awaits!

Premiere - 15/03 2009
Now it is only 3 days left to the premiere of Notariegatan 17b! You can book tickets on

Notariegatan 17b - 27/02 2009
The next big event that you should fit into your calender is Kollektiv Vifira premiere of their new show! Notariegatan 17b is the name and it has premiere march 18th in Hallunda, Stockholm. Folkets Hus 19.00!

Barcelona - 17/02 2009
I am in Barcelona together with Matleena and Sergi at the moment. It was planned that I should keep a workshop in juggling but it was to few signed up so it did not happen... A bit sad but on the other hand I am in Barcelona training and enjoying the sun! I am not complaining at all!

Cirque de Demain - 30/01 2009
Currently at the festival in Paris seeing the circus of tomorrow. Got tickets to every night! Five nights of shows and meeting people in the business. Handing out business cards to as many people I can!

Sweden - 24/01 2009
Now I am back in Sweden for a week to rest a bit after the tour. On wednesday I go to Paris to the Cirque de Demain festival. After that me, Matleena and Sergi are going to Barcelona for a month to train and teach!

Touring - 14/01 2009
Me and Sergi are mostly rolling around in a bus from place to place in the tour. We did 19 shows and now we have 7 more to go! It is big places we are playing. Average audience is 5000 people! More to come...

Tour plan - 03/01 2009
As normal I am late with the updates... Here comes a link to the tour plan after all. You can also find a list of th artists there!

Germany - 26/12 2008
I am off to Germany today for a month of tour together with Sergi. A different place every day! Tour plan is coming soon!

Freedom - 01/12 2008
Finally the cast is off! And today I couldeven train hand-to-hand with Sergi. After only 4 days! Soon I am back!

what to do? - 24/11 2008
Now it is only 4 days left until I take my cast off. Finally! I start to be so bored and sick off it. I made a video of tricks I did while having it. It will be found on youtube within 2 days. it wil be called, what to do? Until then!

Updates - 16/11 2008
Lots of updates today! New pictures, new CV and new videos! Check it out!

Matleena Laine - 16/11 2008
Now Matleena Laine, a very talented trapeze artist has an own homepage. Visit!

Broken thumb... - 09/11 2008
Last weekend me and Sergi did a promotional gig for Notariegatan 17b. It went really well until I, in one catch, got stuck with my thumb in the pocket of my pants and broke it! So now the show is cancelled and moved to next year spring. New dates will come.

CV - 28/09 2008
Now there is a updated CV up also on the ME side!

video - 27/09 2008
So now I updated a bit with some new video! Check it out. In the near fututre I will also put up some new pictures!

Updates - 27/09 2008
I have been a bit lazy with my homepage lately. But not in life! I am rehearsing a show full time so there is not much time left for keeping up on the net... Sorry for this. There will come some updates during the weekend!

Notariegatan 17b - 30/08 2008
On monday our group Kollektiv Vifira starts to rehearse our show Notariegatan 17b. It\'s going to be a great show I\'m sure. In the crew is Sergi, My faithfull flyer. There is Viktor, the young juggling talent. Malin, the dancer with a never ending material creator and me... Peter. Premiere in beginning of November! Very Welcome!

ÖS again! - 06/08 2008
I am in the middle of playing the last two weeks of ÖS! If you are interested to watch it check out the dates below. Peace!

DVD - 10/07 2008
I just finished my promo dvd with material of juggling and hand-to-hand. I will shortly put the clips up here on the site together with some new pictures... But for the moment I am in Germany seeing Varekai, Vintergarten and the newcomershow in Krystallpalatz! It is good times!

ÖS! - 21/06 2008
I made some small updates on the me and shows page. And here is also the dates for ÖS this summer:

Fittja äng - 16 June & 11 august
Storvretsparken - 17 june & 8 august
Heimdals väg - 18, 27 june & 13 august
Tuna torg - 19 june & 7 august
Bremora - 23 june & 6 august
Albyparken - 20, 24, 26 june & 12 august
Segersjöparken - 25 june & 5 august
Alby Centrum - 4 & 14 august
Trädgårdstorp Tullinge - 15 august

And it is always at 13.00!

ÖS - 11/06 2008
I am now rehearsing for the show ÖS. We have premiere on monday the 16th of june and play weekdays at 13.00 around Botkyrka. It is for free , made by Cirkus Cirkör and sponsored by Botkyrkabyggen. Come and see! It is me, Sergi, Viktor and Malin in the show!

3rd Time Lucky - 03/06 2008
I know this is a late note, like always... But we are playing our last show today of 3rd Time Lucky. Our ending show! On thursday I am graduating and I will fly out into the working and adult life... Finally! So, 3rd Time Lucky tonight at Höglagret, Telefonplan, Stockholm. See you there!

IJC - 20/04 2008
I am now in Israel. And I found out that I love this place so far! Everything I have seen is beautiful and it is really sunny. Me and Viktor will do Look Sharp at the Israel Juggling Convention on tuesday night and we will do an act each on wednesday evening. Then we will go to see the dead sea and Jerusalem!

Salong Giraff and BJC - 25/03 2008
I am back in Sweden now after a week in Sardinia. Happy times! Me and Sergi are performing on Salong Giraff on friday in Stockholm. Then I am off to England saturday to do Mjölk again together with Wes at the British Juggling Convention. See you there maybe?

Nott another juggling festival - 01/03 2008
At the moment in Nottingham, England. Doing the show Mjölk together with young american superstar Wes Peden. Is going to be mad! See you there hopefully!

Examensarbete - 08/02 2008
Now the times are set for the presentation of the examination works. My presentation on music and juggling will be at the stage of Danshögskolan on tuesday 12th at 10.00 am and thursday 14th at 20.00 pm.

Examination work - 05/01 2008
I am back in Alby again. Training and rehearsing for our examination work. In my case it will be concentrating in different ways to make music out of juggling and juggling out of music. It will also include a brand new club routine and a ball routine! We have the presentation the 11th, 12th and 13th of february, do not miss it!

Germany/Finland - 07/12 2007
I just went down to Berlin to visit Jay and see him and Manu Laude in Vintergarten variete. Now I am home for 2 hours to repack my bag and then head for Finalnd to see Matias Salmenaho. Sweet Life!

Salong Giraff - 28/11 2007
Me and Sergi are performing in the cabaret Saong Giraff in Stockholm. Orionteatern this friday. At 22.00. Be there and see our new Footsteps!

Emanination project - 19/11 2007
I\'m now starting to work on my ending project in school which is going to be presented in february. It\'s about the connection between juggling and music and hopefully it will kick ass.

Sylt, Germany - 24/09 2007
Me and Sergi got awarded a price for most creative act in Germany. Happy times!

Back to school - 24/09 2007
I\'m back to school again. I have been doing some events lately. All of them dropfree! Otherwise I am training mostly...

Stockholm Kulturfestival - 28/07 2007
I\'m off to Skellefteå for one more week of training. Then I\'m hedding for Spain to train with Sergi. But the 15 and 18 of august me, Viktor and Erik Nilsson are doing a show on Sergels Torg. Be there!

Piteå and Italy - 12/07 2007
I\'m now in Skellefteå resting and training at my dad\'s place. On saturday I perform in \"Som det ska låta\" in Piteå and then I\'m off to Italy and the jugglers night in Torino, Grugliasco. Good times!

Soly circo - 17/06 2007
I have been a bit lazy lately... Lots of work, which is good! But the latest news is that me and Sergi is accepted to Soly Circo in Sylt, Germany. A circus competition in august. We are going to rock!

Skellefteå - 05/06 2007
I\'m performing in Skellefteå again! Now with a very good friend of mine Christoffer Lindberg. We perform tonight at the ending dance for the gymnasiums (high schools) of Skellefteå.

Footsteps extended - 22/05 2007
Me and Sergi has currently been working on a extention around the idea with the Footsteps. It\'s now 15 min long and includes juggling and manipulation!

New York - RIT - 24/04 2007
So tomorrow Me and Viktor are off to the big city! First a few days in Rochester together with Wes Peden. And then a few days in New York together with Sean Blue. Sweet!

Sweden Juggling Convention - 10/04 2007
Just came home from Gothenburg where I performed my new club act! Super festival with lots of creds to Trevor!

Skellefteå - 22/03 2007
Performing in my hown town! Skellefteå Tillväxtgala, Framgångsdagen. Juggling tubes, clubs and playing bass.

Ben Richter Workshop - 14/03 2007
One week workshop with Ben. Movement, manipulation and creation. Great juggler and amazing teacher. If you find a workshop with him - Take it!

Hello world! - 14/03 2007
The site is up...

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