Peter grew up in the north of Sweden. He lived deep in the forest, dreaming about becoming a rockstar! He played in many bands and performed in many places. But after a few years he gave up the rockstar dream when he fell in love with circus.

Peter was, and still is, a juggler. But from that day he decided to make it his living!
He moved to Stockholm and attended Cirkus Cirkšr's education, Cirkuspiloterna for 2 years. But that was not enough for Peter, he wanted to be the best! So he attended the the University College for Dance and Circus, the circus programme, for another 3 years! All though Peter was studying full time in Stockholm nothing could stop him from performing. He loved to be on stage and worked simultaneously all over in europe and USA.

Now Peter is highly educated both technically and artistically. He has a degree in circus and lots of things to show the world!

A small selection of shows that Peter participated in:

Undermen (Cirkus Cirkor)
Hurjaruuth Talvisirkus, Tuike (Hannu Ratikainen)
3rd Time Lucky (John-Paul Zaccarini)
Momo – eller kampen om tiden (Niklas Hjulström)
Look Sharp! (Viktor Gyllenberg)
Circle (Raffaelle De Ritis)
The Fighting Machines Of North Hollywood (Jay Gilligan)
Tokyo (Jay Gilligan)
LOVE (Matias Salmenaho, Peter Åberg, Olle Strandberg)

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